The ADF Policy Innovation Lab was created, under the Bill & Melinda Gates Trust Fund, to support the efforts of the AfDB Group to respond to the changing reality of its clients and the need for strategic reform of the ADF, in light of the evolving aid architecture and the changing needs of ADF clients.

Positioned as an independent think-tank, the objectives of the Lab are to examine the future of the ADF and its strategic positioning vis-à-vis other development institutions as well as to amplify the voice of Africa in the debate about the future of concessional assistance in general and the ADF in particular.

The Lab has two main components: the High Level Panel which allows cross-sector and cross-disciplinary brainstorming, decision-making and innovation for development finance in Africa, and an Advisory Team preparing background work and analysis highlighting the future of concessional finance for Africa in particular ADF.

ADF Policy Innovation Lab Working Paper No 1 – Debt Sustainability Implications of Hardened MDB Lending Terms to African Countries. Findings from a Preliminary Study of 8 Countries – March, 2016.